Department of Pharmaceutics

The Pharmaceutics is the core branch of pharmacy relating to the science of dosage form and design. Pharmaceutics is the study regarding drug formulation, delivery, disposition and clinical response. Pharmaceutics is the most diverse of all the subject areas covered in pharmaceutical sciences. The Department of Pharmaceutics is a place committing to excellence in formulation and development. Department possess the machine room where student get to know working of various instruments and equipment. Department also have the charge of Pharmacy museum, where various conventional to novel drug dosage forms are showcased. The museum is adorned with samples of various cosmeceuticals and cosmetics. 


To develop fully skilled pharmacy graduates to meet the national pharmaceutical challenges.
To construct pharmaceutical system in order to cope with the updated need of the pharmacy.

Instruments available 

Capsule filling machine – Lab size Continuous Hot Extraction Equipment
Friability tester Spray Dryer
Tablet counter Tincture Press
Capsule counter Sintered glass filters for bacteria proof filtration
Granulating sieve set Ampoule filling and sealing machine
Ball mill Ampoule washing machine
Tablet disintegration test apparatus IP Still distillation unit for water for injection
Pfizer type hardness tester Distillation unit for distilled water
Monsanto’s hardness tester  
Polishing pan laboratory size  
Hand operated Tablet machine  
Collapsible tube – Filling and sealing
Tablet Coating Pan unit with hot air
blower laboratory size