Department of Pharmacology

The Pharmacology is one of the core subjects of pharmacy which deals with the interaction between drug and the living body. The department is involved in teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology to undergraduates. The department provides insights into areas of Health and Disease, the mechanisms of actions of drugs including toxicology. Department also have the charge of Pharmacy museum, where Human skeleton model, Human organ model are displayed. Department is fortuned with Doctorate faculty, engaging & motivating students by innovative teaching method. 


To acquire very well competence in the use of basic and clinical pharmacology laboratory equipment.
To actively involve at the basic level in drug discovery, clinical research and development projects.
Promote Pharmacology as a subject through research that can result into the acquisition of higher qualifications.

List of Instruments/Equipment

Sr. No. Name of Instruments/Equipments
1 Electro- convulsiometer
2 Dales Bath
3 Digital photo-actometer
4 Stethoscope
5 Compound microscope
6 Sherrington rotating drum
7 Hot AirOven
8 Incubator
9 Simple microscope
10 Projection microscope
11 Rota rod
12 Analgesiometer
13 Eddy’s Hot plate