Department of Pharmacognosy

The Pharmacognosy is one of the core subjects in Pharmacy, which involves the study of the chemical, physical, biochemical and biological properties of natural drugs. It also deals with the search for new drugs from natural sources. Along with well-equipped Pharmacognosy laboratory, department also extends itself to the beautiful medicinal garden scenery, where various medicinal plants are planted. The part of Pharmacy museum consists of models of medicinal plant along with charts of T.S of various parts of plants.


To use power of technology with ancient wisdom, bringing better safety and efficacy in natural products.
To spread awareness about Pharmacognosy /crude drugs and to promote the personal, social, academic and career growth of pharmacy students.

List of plants in medicinal garden

No Name of Species planted
1 Artocarpous heterophyllus
2 Annona squamosal
3 Aspargus Racemosus
4 Azardichata indica
5 Catharanthus roseus
6 Chinese aloe
7 Curcuma longa
8 Cymbopog Citratus
9 Datura stramonium
10 Emblica officinalis
11 Ficus religiosa
12 Hibiscus rosa-sinenesise
13 Ocimum sanctum
14 Ricinus communis
15 Saraca indicalinn
16 Sapindus mukorossi
17 Santalum album linn.
18 Tamirindus indica
19 Terminalia arjuna
20 Terminalia belliricia
21 Terminalia chebula
22 Trychyspermum ammi


List of Equipment / Instruments


Sr. No. Equipment / Instruments
1 Microscope with stage micrometer
2 Digital Balance
3 Autoclave
4 Hot air oven
5 B. O. D. incubator
6 Colony counter
7 Digital pH meter
8 Camera Lucida
9 Eye piece micrometer
10 Incinerator
11 Heating mantle
12 Flourimeter
13 Vacuum pump
14 Projection Microscope
15 Clavengers apparatus
16 Soxhlet apparatus
17 TLC chamber and sprayer
18 Distillation unit